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Small diaphragm true condenser microphone with interchangeable capsules

20 – 20,000 Hz Frequency range, extremely low noise

Heavy duty capsule design, made in Russia

-10dB pads, wooden box, all-metal microphone clamps are included

Factory matched stereo pair of cardioid, omnidirectional and hypercardioid capsules with individual frequency response charts




A great choice of capsules with different diaphragm size and directional characteristics:

MK-012 small diaphragm cardioid

MK-012 small-diaphragm hypercardioid

MK-012 small diaphragm Omni (ball)

MK-103 medium diaphragm cardioid

MK-101 large diaphragm cardioid side review

MK-102 large diaphragm cardioid frontal review

MK-104 large diaphragm cardioid side review

Figure-of-8 Small diaphragm


Microphone Preamplifier (Preamps)


MK-012 standard preamp

UP-012 preamp with integrated -10 / -20 dB pad and low-cut filter

MK-012 mini preamp with 3m cable



Intermediate inserts can be screwed in between preamp and capsule:

-10 dB pad

Low-cut filter

180 ° joint (swivel joint)