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CINCY CELLULAR Ranked #10 Nationwide in the TELECOMMUNICATIONS industry,

(665th fastest growing private company in America)

Cincy cellular

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Founded in 2013. Incorporated in 2016. Cincy Cellular's mission is to deliver international retailers across the globe with the latest consumer electronics. We are proud to be one of the top buyback companies in the industry. We ensure our clients receive the highest quality customer service by offering both free overnight shipping and same day payments. We specialize in buying overstocked inventory, trade-in devices, and liquidated company assets. Our efficient operation allows us to handle shipments of any size while offering competitive pricing and never sacrificing on customer service.

Our Culture

Professionals | Trusted

With a company founded on business-to-business relations, we constantly strive for full satisfaction of our partners. At Cincy Cellular, every team member has a voice that can be heard ensuring that innovation starts from the ground up and that no solution is overlooked. It is these principles that led us to ranks as the 10th fastest growing telecommunications company in the nation.

Smart Services

Grab Our Smart Services. Enjoy The Easiest, Fastest, Professional and Trusted.


All shipments are brought to our facility at the start of each day. These packages are checked against the tracking numbers we have on file to ensure no shipments are lost in transition.

Quality Control

All products that enter our facility undergo strict grading to ensure only the highest quality electronics make it to market

Inventory Management

All product information is logged into our company’s software to allow for efficient tracking, sorting, and selling of stock

Our Operations

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Our international network allows us to direct inventory to the markets with the highest demand. This allows for effortless adjustments in an everchanging market.

Drop Shipping

For our exclusive VIP suppliers we help speed up process to land stock directly

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